Custom Balloon Services in Charleston, SC

At Holy City Party, our balloon arrangements enhance aesthetics for any occasion. They’re fun, they’re beautiful, and they’re festive! Contact us today to design a custom balloon arrangement.

Our Custom Balloon Arrangements

Find the best balloon arrangement for your next event below.

Custom Balloon Arches & Garlands

Custom balloon garlands & arches command attention. Learn more about customizing your perfect balloon arch, and bring your vision to life, today!

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Helium Balloons

Do you prefer the simple reliability of helium balloons for making your space feel more festive? Order latex balloons, mylar balloons, and helium bouquets now to complement any occasion.

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Jumbo Helium Balloons

Our Jumbo Helium Balloons are perfect for making any party — or any person — feel extra special. Order now and add a tassel or some greenery to introduce another layer of FUN.

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Number Stacks

A Number Stack is a freestanding balloon arrangement that commonly features a mylar number and three, 18-inch latex helium balloons. They’re perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other numerically related events. Order now and add a themed mylar to complement the motif of your party!

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Balloon Yard Number

Balloon Yard Numbers are 7-foot balloon structures for celebrating a special birthday or anniversary. Yard Numbers must be placed in grass or dirt, and only select numbers are available at this time. Order now for a festive way to count the years.

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Balloon Clusters

Balloon clusters are perfect for tying onto banisters, columns, chairs, mailboxes, or high chairs. Order now to add a pop of color that complements the theme of your space!

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Upgrade your balloon garland with


Upgrade your balloon garland with

pampas & dried palms

balloon garland arch charleston balloon garland arch charleston
Upgrade your balloon garland with

mylar balloons & starbursts

charleston balloon garland
Want a balloon garland on a budget?
Maximize Your Budget with a Grab-and-Go Garland
Choose a premade balloon garland and install it independently to save on delivery and installation costs!
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